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Sam Lau

Carver Kennel was based and founded in Hong Kong in 1993 by Mr. Lau Kam Ho . It origins from the Taiwan largest police dog training school - "Chun Feng Police Dog Training School" which was founded in 1975. Its founder Mr. Chung Chai Liang is a master dog trainer. He committed to working dog training for a lifetime. His training is prestigious, not because of the commercial, but due to his strength of training dogs, his love and concern for dogs and owners, his enthusiastic in dog training, the cultivation for younger and contribution to this industry. This is our loyalty.

Dog training is Carver Kennel's professional which is every dog trainer career. The first step in dog training is the dog obtains appropriate education and love from their owners, plus the build up of communication between them, then will have a professional and the good start. You are welcome to contact us.



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